Khmer is a country in Europa Universalis II. Their provinces are dark yellow in normal games and light orange in fantasia games.

Khmer does not exist at the start of any of the scenarios, and so is unplayable. They also have some missing gamefiles, meaning that their list of monarchs is undefined. It is unclear how the game determines the names and abilities of their monarchs if they ever do come into play. They do not have any scripted leaders or events.

Creating Khmer Edit

By Revolt Edit

"Map showing provinces that can form Khmer "

Provinces that can form Khmer

Khmer can be created by revolt at any point in the game. It will consist of the single province of Khmer. Khmer 's culture and religion are not set in revolt.txt. It will have khmer culture, and almost always Buddhist religion. Whilst Khmer's default technology group is china, revolt.txt overrides this to give them muslim.

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